Title: 2019/12/3 19:32:22
I order the orange chicken which I always do and it says spicy on the menu but it doesn’t really taste spicy. Tonight when I got it, it was extremely spicy so I called and they didn’t do anything about it and said they didn’t change the sauce. They had to do something different because it doesn’t normally taste like that and I have been going to them for 5 years.
Title: 2019/11/19 14:47:00
Ordered the bourbon chicken for delivery- the chicken was so old and dry, I could barely chew it. I'm sure it was cooked in the early 90s, sat under a heat lamp in the 2000s then placed in my to go box in 2019. Why complain to the company- their customer service sucks. Just simply won't call for another meal. Best of luck to all who order- I truly hope it is better.
Title: 2018/9/11 19:18:13
DONT EVER ORDER HERE! I order Chicken Chow Mein which is suppose to be noodles and i received Uncooked Chicken with Cabbage and Chips. I got it delivered and i called to get it remade because this is not what i asked for, but THE MANAGER was highly rude, and said that they cant do nothing. Most resturants have great customer service and will get it re-made, refund, or get something else equilvent to that price, but nothing? i rather go to Mcdonalds and get better customer service then this place! Not only that, IM AM NOT FROM HERE. I am from Oregon and recieved disrespect. I promise you it's not worth your money!
Title: 2018/1/15 8:57:45
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