Title: 2018/9/11 19:18:13
DONT EVER ORDER HERE! I order Chicken Chow Mein which is suppose to be noodles and i received Uncooked Chicken with Cabbage and Chips. I got it delivered and i called to get it remade because this is not what i asked for, but THE MANAGER was highly rude, and said that they cant do nothing. Most resturants have great customer service and will get it re-made, refund, or get something else equilvent to that price, but nothing? i rather go to Mcdonalds and get better customer service then this place! Not only that, IM AM NOT FROM HERE. I am from Oregon and recieved disrespect. I promise you it's not worth your money!
Title: 2018/7/20 16:42:55
Will never order again my fried dumplings was half done, hair was in my beef broccoli, my shrimp egg roll was double dipped so much grease in bottom of the plastic bag I could cook a chicken with. $42.00 down the drain!!
Title: 2018/1/15 8:57:45
your website is not working correctly
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